About Us

"Investments That Stand the Test of Time"

Next Generation Asset Management is one of Canada’s leading full service Commodity and Forex trading companies. Our customers, whether institutional or private, take advantage of our extensive, up-to-the-minute high quality information, research, and proprietary analysis. In such rapidly moving markets there is no room for error. This is why we are committed to giving all our customers our undivided attention every step of the way. We extend a highly personal service to every customer. This combination of service, technology, flexibility and experience makes our service second-to-none.

Next Generation Asset Management has selected a well-respected clearing firm to hold your account and clear all bullion transactions. The firm uses only insured banking institutions to clear and carry our clients’ funds.
All checks and monies for your account are sent to our clearing member firm and not held at Next Generation Asset Management. Clearing member firms are subjected to strict financial requirements and Government regulations.

The monies you pay for your trading are immediately available for our clearing house. Once your funds are transferred you are able to view your account online. Once you have purchased options you will also be able to view all transactions online. Your Account Representative will assist you with the login process.

YOUR Next Generation Asset Management REPRESENTATIVE
Your representative at Next Generation Asset Management is your eyes and ears to the marketplace. His / Her job is to keep you informed of market situations with respect to Commodity and Forex trading. Next Generation Asset Management brokers utilize research developed internally by Next Generation Asset Management.